Peter Ghyczy

Design for Peter Ghyczy is a kind of meditation.
In search of new solutions to solve or improve existing problems, he designs with functionality in mind.

Every GHYCZY design is timeless in aesthetic. Materials meticulously sourced. Hand craftsmanship managed by a select group of bespoke artisans.
All of this amounts to a range of furniture that is a culmination of technical mastery and conventional luxury. The result of a designer’s solution and artisanal production process, nothing about GHYCZY is superfluous. For Peter Ghyczy, statements need not be made in the look but in the feel of the product.

Influenced by his travels, inspiration comes from exotic cultures that have intrigued Peter Ghyczy. The use of gold in the Orient, the ageing of artefacts in Egypt and the nomadic lifestyle of Africans—it is all woven into the philosophy that is GHYCZY design.
Exclusive furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee.

GHYCZY designs are recognisable, yet not idolised, they are imitated but never replicated. They are collectables made to be experienced, all day, every day. Have a look at our Vintage collection on the site.